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Brakes are one the most important safety features of your vehicle. When you need to stop, you need to be able to rely on your brakes to work consistently and without hesitation. 

You WILL need to have your brakes repaired if you own your vehicle for any extended period of time. Brakes tend to need repair more often than possibly any other part of your vehicle, depending on your driving habits. The need for brake repair can be signaled by a warning light on your dashboard, a spongy feel to the brake pedal when the brakes are applied, or a high pitched sound coming from the wheels. These warning signs should not be ignored. Getting your brakes inspected twice a year for wear and tear help protect you and your passengers while saving you money by preventing issues that could lead to more extensive and expensive brake problems. Improper maintenance of ABS brakes can cause even more extensive problems than improper maintenance of regular brakes.

Brake Services We Offer Include:

  • Brake Inspection
  • Brake Pads and/or Brake Shoes
  • Bleed Brakes
  • Rotors Turned or Replaced
  • Drums Turned or Replaced
  • Brake Line Repair
  • Master Cylinder
  • Calipers

Paul's Automotive Service & Repair can help identify the problem and give you an honest assessment of your needs, whether you need just brake pads, rotors (replaced or turned), or more extensive brake repairs. Our technicians have expert knowledge of replacement, repair, and maintenance of your brakes. Call us if you have any questions about your brakes and let us help assure that you and your passengers are safe. 


The first step toward proper maintenance is to understand your car, the care it needs, when it needs it and why. This on-line CAR CARE GUIDE can get you started and help you know all the maintenance needs of your car. Click to see the on-line CAR CARE GUIDE

Having your oil changed on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running for a long time. All vehicles need oil in order to work, preventing friction between the moving parts. Friction causes premature wear and can cause costly repair bills to the engine that could have been prevented. Every 3,000 miles is the recommended oil change schedule for most vehicles. Check the owners manual of your vehicle or ask a professional for the manufacturer recommended oil change interval.

Regular maintenance is more than just an oil change. There are definitely

parts of your vehicle that will wear out as your car ages. Regular maintenance includes checking and or replacing belts, timing belts, air filters, spark plugs/wires, tires, hoses, transmission fluids and coolant. Following the manufacturer recommended intervals for service of your vehicle is vital to the extended life of your car, truck, or SUV and saving you expensive repairs that could have been prevented. At Paul's Automotive Service & Repair our highly trained mechanics can help you stay on top of your preventative maintenance and help protect your investment in your car as well as help ensure your safety. 


With every scheduled service or repair we offer a free 27 point inspection of your vehicle. This includes a visual inspection of your brakes, belts, hoses, fluid levels, cooling system, battery/cables, suspension, exhaust system, tires, A/C, Plugs/wires, air filter, etc. Paul's Automotive Service & Repair wants to help keep you informed about the "health" of your car. Identifying potential issues with your car can help prevent costly repairs and can help make sure that your car will not leave you stranded. Your safety is always a concern for us. Our highly trained mechanics are ready to assist you in any way that they can.